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From 2013 to 2016 trials have been run across New Zealand primarily focusing on vineyards. Throughout 2017 and into 2018 we have been expanding these trials with newer and improved lower power designs and are now testing on Kiwi Fruits, Cherries, Persimmons and Olive Trees. We have employed ornithologists to monitor bird counts, species and behaviors and the reports so far are very encouraging. Surrounding areas not covered by our systems have considerably more bird pressure than within the shield of our systems. Early adopters have taken a leap of faith by not installing nets and have noted reduced bird activity and much less damage than they would normally have.


Envisi has had several units running successfully now for four years at two vineyards in Central Otago. These growers have not put nets up since our systems have been installed and each year their crops are virtually undamaged despite bird pressure being very high due to all the surrounding vineyards netting their crops! We will be adding testimonial videos shortly.
In late 2017 we installed another five systems across wineries in the Matakana, Waiheke and Kumeu wine regions. These trials are due to complete in April 2018 when we will post the results.

Envisi Trial Unit in Operation at Heron’s Flight Winery, Matakana

Kiwi Fruit

We have installed test systems at two Kiwi Fruit sites for the last two seasons now. One growers is totally organic and actively plants to encourage and feed wildlife in the area. Our systems have produced excellent results in keeping birds away from the canes as the buds burst. Below are two pictures of Kiwi fruit, one taken without Envisi protection and one the following year with our systems running. The results speak for themselves:

Without Protection:

With Protection:


We have secured trials with two cherry growers in the Central Otago region for the 2018 season to try and prevent bird attacks like the below picture. One tiny peck leaves the fruit to split and rot which ultimately rots the surrounding cherries.

We will post the results of these Cherry trials in January, watch this space!


We are discussing trials now with Blueberry growers and will report back soon on progress.


We are starting a trial in April 2018 with a major Persimmon grower in the Matakana region who lost approximately 7 tons of fruit last year due to bird pressure! We are confident we will be able to improve on these losses with our systems protecting his orchard and will post results in May.


We are starting an Olive trial in April with a grower on Waiheke as they have reported that their trees get heavily attacked and will post results after the trials.

Buildings and Infrastructure

We are currently trialling one of our units over a swimming pool! We had a request from a customer asking if our systems could prevent birds from fouling his pool and surrounding glass fencing so we thought why not! It will be interesting to see if our system can disturb the different species of birds that live around buildings as opposed to the frugivores that attack crops. Watch this space for results!

Envisi is always interested in working with early adopters of this new technology.
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