Our Ethics

Envisi is committed to producing a self-sustaining product that runs autonomously to ensure growers don’t have to allocate time to operating or monitoring our systems.  We are working towards a solar powered energy free model and constantly searching for lower power alternatives to ensure we reach this goal.  At the same time we are adding smart sensing technology to our systems so that we can remotely monitor our systems and notify growers immediately if there is a problem.

We aim to maximise returns for our growers which ultimately helps feed our growing populations. Our systems naturally deter birds from feeding on valuable crops and so to offset this, we support bird advocacy groups to fund alternative ways to promote bird sustainability. For every lease or sale we commit to making a donation to Forest and Bird www.forestandbird.org.nz

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PH: +64 21 503084

E: enquiries@astrolab.co.nz

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